Gravel sprints, sketchy roads, and getting lost. Zepto projects are designed for crushing gravel races and camping under the stars.

Zepto bike bags are my creative outlet. My custom work is meant for friends and epic adventures. I love making custom bags that flow with the lines of every bicycle that I have outfitted. SOMETIMES you may find my work on Ebay when I part with old prototypes or wild designs that I am ready to pass on to someone else.

Who am I?
Way back in 2008 I bought my first bicycle, a Specialized Tricross. One week later I decided I had enough experience to bike 80 miles up the North Shore of Minnesota while carrying my camping gear on a poorly DIY-ed rack and two lunchbox containers bolted to the fork. I didn’t even have a spare tube to fix any flats that luckily never happened. My body was completely destroyed by the end of those 160 miles but I was hooked

Fast forward to today and I’ve spent over 200 nights under the stars, lived car free for 2 years, biked all over America, raced, and chased KOM’s like there was no tomorrow. I now live in Hartford, SD with access to hundreds of miles of gravel roads in my backyard so my love of cycling just keeps growing.

I truly hope that you can appreciate the work that I put into Zepto and if you’re ever traveling through South Dakota send me a message so we can go ride some gravel roads.