Hand crafted bike bags for exploring this world.
Hand crafted bike bags for exploring this world.
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Friends, Hammocks, and a Karate Monkey

hammock camping mn bikepacking surly karate monkey

What happens when three guys, who have never met in person, decide to bikepack out into the countryside together? Magic. Magic happens.

I loaded up my Surly Karate Monkey with some very weird kit including an over-head single point hammock which was built for big wall climbing. I filled one pannier with food, and the other one with more food and some less important stuff.


Al found me online and said he was also a hammocker, a carfree bicyclist, and a lover of nature so when he knocked on my door with his fatbike loaded for the trip we were instant best friends. 

We road 15 miles south of Maplewood together to meet up with another gentleman who I found on Meetup.com. Each of us laughed at the difference in bikes. I was rockin a 29er with drops, Al was riding his "pony" (a fatbike with bikepacking bags), and Tom had a comfort bike with rear panniers. 

We road a chill pace far outside of town following a map that I hand drew. Eventually Al's gps replaced my beautiful drawing and we continued on stopping at creeks to relax and refuel.

Eventually we made it to some double track that led up a bluff into a secluded forest. We hiked around like children in a candy store as we each searched for the perfect spot to setup camp.


After a long night filled with cool wind and howling coyotes we all woke up in varying states of excitement. A quick stop to refill our water in a stream and we were off back to the real world. Like most adventures this one was far too short for me but it was the start of a friendship which is still going strong to this day! 

 Want to watch the full adventure? Check it out here:

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