Hand crafted bike bags for exploring this world.
Hand crafted bike bags for exploring this world.
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The History of Zepto


Enamoured with the idea of owning a "cyclocross" bike that was shown to me in my local bike shop I decided to sell my motorcycle and invest the money in a Specialized Tricross. A week later I made a rear rack out of angled aluminum from Home Depot and then bolted two lunch box containers from Walmart to the lowrider mounts on my fork. In my mind, with 7 days of biking under my belt and a fancy new touring setup I was basically a veteran cyclist. So I pedaled 80 miles up the North Shore of Lake Superior, hopped a few "Trail Closed" fences, and made camp next to a river. The only reason why I survived the second day is because a very nice construction worker gave me his bottle of sunscreen.

Specialized Tricross bikepacking MN north shoreCamping on river side bikepacking bivy sack


I started sewing my own pieces of camping gear using my girlfriend's sewing machine. Lot's of camping. So much bikepacking and camping! Since my girlfriend put up with all my shenanigans I decided to marry her.

Bikepacking Tarp Camping MN Bikepacking and Gravel Grinding MinnesotaBike touring Giant road bike sandy river campsite


I bought my first road bike and started commuting a 40 mile route three times a week. I met a gentleman who invited me to a club ride and I was instantly hooked.

At the same time, I started a weird YouTube channel to show off some of the unique pieces of camping gear I was building. 



I started racing cyclocross while I worked full time as a bike mechanic. I got lost weekly on huge adventure rides while scouting out potential campsites for future stealth camping. 


My wife and a beautiful baby boy. I decided to sell my car so that I wouldn't stop riding due to the severe sleep deprivation. Some of my very best bike stories came from my midnight rides home from working in downtown St Paul, MN.

Surly Karate Monkey Studded Tires Winter Commuting1990 Trek 420 flat tire bike commuting


After living in a van and traveling the country with my wife and son for two months I realized that I loved the freedom of working for myself. I upgraded to an industrial sewing machine and started making climbing gear for my online store at TREEfool.com.

Zepto Sewing Portaledge and Rainfly


I absolutely loved selling custom camping gear and seeing it used all over the world. Zepto was born out of my desire to make sewing my full time career. I use my extensive knowledge of sewing, building gear, riding bikes, racing, gravel riding, and bikepacking to create bike bags that are built to endure everything that nature can throw your way.



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