Hand crafted bike bags for exploring this world.
Hand crafted bike bags for exploring this world.
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Taking a photo of your bike is very simple! Follow these easy steps to take a proper photo for a perfect fitting frame bag:

Step 1
Make sure the bike is propped up as straight as possible without falling over.

Step 2
Measure 10 to 15 feet away from the bike and make a mark. This is where you will stand to take the photo. If you are too close the angle of your camera lens may distort the bike geometry.

Step 3
Use two pieces of duct tape or electrical tape to hold a portion of your tape measure to the top tube. You can also use a yardstick or a vinyl sewing tape measure. Two "foot marks" need to be clearly visible. The bigger the markings the better. Make sure not to cover the bottom edge of the toptube.

Step 4
Stand back at your mark from "Step 2" and crouch down so that the camera is at the same level as the bike frame. Aim the camera directly through the middle of the frame. 

Step 5
If possible, edit out the edges to decrease the photo size and email your FULL RESOLUTION photo to info@zeptogear.com. Include your name, order number, top tube width (measured at two or three spots if it varies), and your choice for the following four options:


OPTION 1 - Top Tube Strap Style
Choose either braided or velcro. "Braided" molds to tube shapes easier, has more points of contact, and allows you to customize the color of cord. Braided also fits better with top-tube bags because the cord can be routed around obstacles. Velcro is faster and much easier to install.

OPTION 2 - Main Color
Choose a color. (Custom patterns available HERE)

OPTION 3 - Highlight Colors
Choose your highlight colors. See the photo below for the location of highlights:

OPTION 4 - Shape
If you prefer, I will draw up your bike with the two bag shapes that fit your frame best so you can can see it before making a decision. Here is a general example of shapes: