Sioux Falls, SD Gravel Bike Group Rides

CPC Group Gravel Ride

Hello! This group ride was created for all us gravel and road cyclists who are tired of battling the South Dakota winds alone.

Sioux Falls or Hartford

Early morning

Saturdays and Sundays

Routes are always mapless and usually created during the ride based on wind direction and creativity of the group.

Distance and speed varies between rides and is determined based on who shows up for the ride. Early winter rides will usually be base-miles under 2 hours but as the weather warms up we may complete century rides or longer. The group will stop for flat tires, mechanical issues, pee breaks, and refueling on longer rides.

If you haven’t figured it out yet this ride is pretty open and exists solely to help people like you and I find friends to ride with.

I personally like riding early in the morning (6am!) so that I can finish most of the ride before my family wakes up. But with bigger groups the starting time is usually later in the morning.

So who am I?

My name is Logan and I love bikes. I’ve been riding since 2008 and racing since 2011. Now that I’m a dad I pretty much just try to keep up with my friends that I ride with!

Wicked cold winter bike rides. Thanks SD.

I host the group ride on this website to help it rank higher in search results. I do not profit anything from Zepto or my bike creations that you see on this website. It is just a fun hobby of mine and has nothing to do with sponsors or the club.

I usually ride in the rain, sleet, snow, and even high winds so if you need a break from your trainer send me an email using the contact form below OR message me on Strava:

Strava Cyclist Profile | Logan Spader

I try to make every ride a wild adventure… and sometimes really weird shit happens so send me a message and lets go ride!

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